Deal We pay you 20% for every completed Software Project when you bring a client

UActive provides everyone

Both Non-I.T Skilled & I.T Skilled

the opportunity to earn from the Information technology world by performing relatable tasks using their mobile devices and social platforms

Things you can do to Earn Money from UActive

Post on your
Social Media Platforms
Refer Software
Jobs to Us
Software Codes

Task Marketplace

UACtive offers opportunities to both Non-It and IT freelancers tasks in various domains:

  • Infographics Advertising
  • Software Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Content- Development
  • Graphics
  • Social Advertisement
  • E.T.C

Task Recommendation

Through advanced alogrithms and personalized Recommendations, Uactive matches freelancers with tasks that align with their skills and interests.

As Freelancers complete tasks successfully, the app fine-tunes its recommendations to provide an even better experience, maximizing productivity and satisfication

Time Tracking Progress Monitoring

The app features a built-in time tracking system that accurately records the hours spent on each task.Uactive can monitor the progress in real-time as Freelancers are also given room to upload progress of a given task

This promotes transparency and a sense of accountability, building trust between the app and the freelancers

Flexible Task Scheduling

Freelancers can manage their workload efficiently by choosing tasks that fit their skill and availability.Whether they prefer part-time or full-time engagement.

Uactive allows freelancers to balance their work-life commitments effectively

Customer Support

Uactive offers dedicated customer support to assist both Freelancers and clients promptly.

Whether you have inquires, concerns, or technical issues, our support team is ready to lend a helping hand 24/7

Task Escrow System

To ensure fairness and security, Uactive employs an escrow system that safeguards payments for completed tasks..

Clients can deposit funds into escrow and freelancers can start working confidently,knowing that their efforts will be compensated promptly upon successful completion.

Loved From Users

Uactive loved from thousands users worldwide and get trusted from big clients.




Prompt Customer Support Services

“I made a living from the comfort of my home without compromising my current work”

Michael. O / Graphics Designer

“With UActive - My Whatsapp Status is gives me more money than entertainment”

Ezinne. U Social Content Creator

”I am proud to say that I made my first six figures from commission on UACtive.”

Oluwatosin / Student at UNILAG

Frequently Asked Questions

Uactive is a cutting-edge app that connect users with skilled professionals from various fields
whether you need web development,graphic designer,content writing,software programming etc,you can find the right skill here

Uactive works by allowing users to post their projects or deals which are then visible to a pool of qualified freelancers and experts
These professionals can bid on the projects and the app can review their profile,ratings, and portfolios before making a hiring decision for the task.

To sign up as freelancer on Uactive,simply download the app from the respective app store.
Click on the "Sign Up" button and follow the instructions to create your profile.
Make sure to highlight your skills, experience, and previous works to attract potential tasks

Yes, signing up and creating a profile on Uactive is entirely free for freelancers

Assigning task in Uactive is simple.First,the task is posted with a detailed description and requirements
Once the project is live,freelancers will bid on it, and Uactive can choose the freelancer that best fits the task based on their profiles

Upon successful completion of a task,clients pay the agreed-upon amount directly through the app.
Payments are securely processed, and freelancers recieve their earnings in their account provided to Uactive at the point of registration.

We understand that unforeseen issues may arise during projects.
In such cases, both clients and freelancers can reach out to our dedicated customer support team
We will mediate and assist in finding a resolution that satisfies both parties.

Yes,effective communication is encouraged on Uactive.
clients and freelancers can interact through the Uactive messaging system, ensuring a clear understanding of project requirements and progress

After each completed task, clients have options to rate and provide feedback on the project.
This rating system helps maintain the quality of services on the platform and help freelancers build their reputation and portfolios.